Monday, June 18, 2012

Bigger than daddy thinks!

Just as the second Sunday of every May is reserved for moms, the third Sunday of June is dedicated to the paternal bond, a time to celebrate fatherhood with the father! Well, as a little girl, daddy was the always the lenient parent, someone who would rush to my rescue when mommy was upset, someone who was a little more lax with the house rules ….well someone who would understand no matter who’s wrong …someone who could be more easily prevailed upon! J My husband on the other hand, grew up in an environment where his father was less sparing then his mother and threatening to complain to the father was sure way to get the kids to behave. Even today I feel his mother (my mother-in-law) is more approachable than his father (with due apologies to my father in law)! Anyway, once I became a mom, I discovered that our little family has turned out to be a replica of the family I grew up in where it is still the daddy who is the indulgent parent, who is a little easy going with the rules, who always sides with Abhay when his mommy tries to ‘discipline’ him and who is hopelessly easy to be prevailed upon!! So you never know, one day Abhay might blog about how his mom being stricter than his dad, just like I am doing it right now! J

On the occasion of the Father’s day weekend, we went to dinner with all the daddies in my life – two senior Daddies, one junior daddy and a future daddy! So last night Abhay had his daddy read “Someone Bigger” book by Jonathan Emmett and Adrian Reynolds.  Although I would have wanted them to read a father’s day special book on the occasion of father’s day, this is all I could lay my hands on. A father-son book nevertheless, Sam and his dad make large kite and set out to fly it in the park on a windy day. Sam asks his dad if he can hold it first as he feels he is old enough to handle a kite. His father is not sure and replies that the big kite needs someone bigger! As dad lets go of the kite and unwinds the string, Sam watches it fly wishing he was someone bigger…like his dad to fly the kite. But the wind blows hard and Sam’s dad gets pulled into the sky along with the kite. As Sam runs behind seeking to hold the string and pull his dad back, his dad still feels he is too small and that the kite needs someone bigger! As the kite flies above the town, everyone tries to get hold of it …from a mailman with a sack of mail to a bank robber who flees from jail, from a police man on a horse to a bridegroom and his bride of course…but all of them are swept of their feet. Even then as Sam tries to hold on to the string, everyone cries out that the kite needs someone bigger still! As the kite flies above the zoo, now it has even animals like Rhino, tiger and a Kangaroo! Now finally, Sam catches hold of the kite and grabs the string and holds it fast and winds back the string while his feet stay firmly on the ground. No bigger than he actually is, Sam manages to bring, one by one, everyone from the zoo and the town back to ground! Sam finally has his father acknowledge that he always knew he was old enough as the kite needs someone just like him!:-) So while you may feel that your little one is too little for some things, he or she may actually be bigger than you think! Happy father’s day…guys!

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