Monday, May 7, 2012

The things that summer brings!

Out of the two months of Abhay's summer vacations, one month is already up and there’s still one more to go. Well, for a change, I have nothing planned for the second half of his summer holidays – no more summer camps and no more swimming classes and a month’s break from his regular music and drawing classes…….and its no surprise that Abhay loves it! One whole month of unstructured play is almost like a dream come true for him; something rarely allowed by his helicopter parents ….a correction…his helicopter mommy! J Still vacationing in my dad’s farm house, Abhay has fully recovered from his viral infection and his day now begins with fruit picking in our little orchard growing chikkus and jam fruits and checking on the farm cattle before they are sent off to graze followed by a hearty breakfast dished out by his grandma, who is also on a summer break from her college. The whole day goes by with Abhay alternating between indoor and outdoor play, feeding our farm pets, breaking only for lunch or for a brief afternoon nap.  In the evening, we set out for a walk in the areca nut farm when the sprinklers come on that has us soaked to skin …… followed by relaxing on the hammock while the sky changes color as the sun makes way for the rising moon! Mind you…..this is not only Abhay’s daily schedule but mine too…at least for the whole of this week! Ah!.....the pleasures of visiting your parents' especially post marraige! :-)

Since Abhay is enjoying his summer …we read a boy and a girl who seemed to be enjoying their summer too. “Summer’ a Dr. Suess beginner book by Alice low and illustrated Roy Mckie is a charming little book on the simple joys of summer. Though easily readable, Abhay wasn’t too eager to make an effort to read by himself and wanted me to read to him instead. A little boy and a girl and their pup love all the wonderful things that summer brings – the sun, the heat and things they like to eat as they gorge on juicy water melons. As they ride their bikes, they love the feel of the cool breeze that hits them as they ride uphill and down until they make an ice cream stop. As this book is set in the US, summer means fireworks during July the 4th ( an event we’ll miss this year!) Summer means camping, fishing, riding on swings, going on hayrides, catching butterflies and fireflies. Summer is the time to the hit the beach and say hello to the fish swimming way below one’s reach. Summer sun brings in garden fun and its time to water the plants and water each other for fun! Summer nights are meant for star gazing and staying awake to think of happy things like summer things! A summer in the US is no different from summer in India… brings wonderful things too….and we love all the things that summer brings! Don't we?

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