Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our very own Elephant and Piggie!

After a hectic day at work and jostling through peak hour traffic, there is nothing better than cuddling with your little one with a bedtime story….and what can be better than a book by Mo Willems….that is guaranteed to make you laugh!:-) All thanks to our friends from Portland whom we met today, our bedtime story proved to be a laugh riot with Mo Willem’s famous friends Elephant and Piggie.  In fact, Abhay happened to meet his best friend Suhas from Portland today and it may as well have been our very own Elephant and Piggie reunion across seven seas!

We are in a Bookby Mo Willems needs no introduction and is a part of the famous Early Reader series that revolves around two friends – Elephant and Piggie. Unfortunately, this series is not readily available in India as it is in the West and so I had to have this one specially brought in from the US. So if you are travelling to the US, dont forget to pick up one of these gems that have been awarded the Theodore Seuss Geisel Honor.  Abhay loved it and managed to read this particular title much better than he read the previous book a couple of months ago. One day, Elephant suspects that there is someone looking at them. On a close examination, Piggie agrees with Elephant's  observation that there is indeed someone looking at them! As your little one guesses who might that be, the Elephant makes a wild guess as to whether that someone is a monster! But Piggie makes an informed guess – she concludes that it is a “Reader” who is reading them! That’s when the two friends realize that they are, after all in a book!  When Elephant can’t seem to contain his excitement that they are being read, Piggie seems to take it a step forward – he wants to make it an interactive book with reader being asked to read aloud! Piggie spells out the word ‘Banana’ and as your little one is coaxed into reading it aloud, the two friends cannot stop laughing! As your little one says “Banana” again, you turn the page to find both Elephant and Piggie rolling with laughter! As Piggie asks if the Elephant wants to take turns before the book ends, the Elephant looks flabbergasted at the prospect of the book coming to an end. Then Piggie comes up with an excellent idea to get the readers to keep on reading their book, all because they are in the book! So our very own Elephant and Piggie friends can proudly say “if not a book…we are in a blog’! :-)

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  1. Whenever I see the movie Bhootnath, that little kiddo in that movie reminds me of Abbay...or is it Abbay?