Monday, December 5, 2011

My Collection

It feels  so good to be invited to share my  favourite children’s books. Thanks for the same Divya. 

As I kid, I remember reading “Misha” -a Russian children’s magazine. It had beautiful stories, riddles, general knowledge stuff ,all beautifully illustrated with pictures. I  found  a cover picture of the magazine on the net and attached the same below.

After extensive browsing I found the following link : where one can read it online. Please check out.
As  a little girl, I loved all the fantasy stories. One of the best ways  to cater to my desire of reading fantasy were the Disney books. I had a collection of them. These include : Cinderella, Snow white and Seven dwarfs, Sleeping beauty, The little Mermaid, Peter Pan , the Jungle Book, Bambi , Dumbo and many more.
I was also interested in epics like Ramayan. My all time favourite  is Enid Blyton’s  “The Famous Five” which got me interested in reading  forever. I have the collection of all the volumes.
There is a wonderful website: for online reads for kids. Do check out. The one I liked in particular was  Who Did Patrick's Homework? “by Carol Moore. Read this  to Abhay and let me know what he thinks. The link is as follows :
Hope you like my collection .Thanks again for your invitation.JJ

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  1. Wow!! That was quick! Thanks a lot for your wonderful post on your personal favorites! YEs...Misha was my favorite fact I have the same issue of the magazine in my mom's place!!!

    Of course....who can forget Enid Blyton's books....I'd read them even today!
    I must appreciate the fact that you took the time to find the relevant links that are immensely helpful to people like me who are on an eternal quest for good reads for kids!
    Will let you know about the link you posted! Thanks once again!