Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dosa Delight!

Every Indian would swear by the fact that there is no place like India when it comes to food – be it lunch or dinner at your regular vegetarian restaurant or a gourmet restaurant, or mini meals or snacks at a Darshini style fast food joint or baked savories at Iyengar bakery, or roadside chat, and of course chilli bajjis dished out by your neighboring gaadiwala – variety is the true spice of your appetite! J While in the US, though we got to sample various cuisines around the world, I remember my constant lament over the lack of many choices for vegetarians like me, especially in places like Texas or Hawaii. Added to this, we found not many places catering to our Indian Palette when we craved for some savory snacks during teatime. I mean seriously, a cinnamon swirl or a banana walnut cake is hardly a match to our good old aloo bonda  to go with your cup of chai! Anyway, when you are on the road with a picky eater like my five year old ……thank God for Dosas!!!

It didn’t take too long for Abhay to turn from curd rice boy to the dosa boy! So today I found a book that titled “Dosa” by Sandhya Rao and pictures by Ashok Rajagopalan. Though a book more for toddlers, it did not fail to charm my five year old dosa lover!  Amma makes Dosa for Bapa who is busy reading newspaper. Amma makes one, two, three, four and many more dosas for Bapa who seemed to gulp them down in no time. Finally tired of making dosas, amma asks Bapa if she can stop making dosas. Then Bapa seems surprised and asks her when she even started as he claimed to have eaten none! Amma doesn’t believe bapa when he asks a question bothering amma and the readers ‘Who ate the dosas?" As we turn the last page, we  find the answer – we see a picture of a pet dog waging its tongue! Read “Dosa” to your little dosa lover but make sure you have the dosa batter ready!:-)

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