Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Abhay goes to a new school

Abhay started his new school mid last week and I must admit that I do feel guilty that this is his fourth school in his three years of schooling! More than Abhay, it was I who was nervous about putting him into a system fairly different from that he was used to in the US. The preschool system in India is far more rigorous than the early education in the US. For people moving back to India from abroad, getting kids on par with their Indian counterparts is definitely a matter of concern. As it is, finalizing your child’s school admissions in Bangalore seems tougher than settling on a house to live in! Seriously, I think our parents had it real easy and I envy them for it!  We have too many choices making it even more confusing -  with International schools, National schools, Techno schools, Academy schools, Innovation schools  - how do we decide what is ideal for our child?  One thing is certain, whatever the name and philosophy of the school may be, they all have one thing in common – more or less the same fee structure!:-)  

Anyway, today I read  David goes to School” by David Shannon, though a book more meant for toddlers and early preschoolers, it seemed just right for Abhay as he joined UKG in ‘The Samhita Academy  from last Wednesday wearing a red and blue uniform. This book is a part of a series on a naughty boy named David by the same author. David has a mind of his own and as always he is known for doing everything he is not supposed to, whether at home or at school. The hilarious illustrations by the author make it quite clear what David is up to and the story is narrated from the teachers’ point view – with the teacher chiding him as David disrupts the class with his mischief, or asks to go use the toilet for the umpteenth time, or  chews gum and looks out of the window when class is on or cuts the line at snack time – David  is one little brat you’d thank your stars you don’t have!  But I guess every child has a little of David in him or her and I recommend reading this book to celebrate the same!

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